A Week In Review

Ok, so in my last blogpost I forgot to include some pictures of us decorating and making cookies. 8219a7ed01e05580c4cdf697d5c42418

This is me and my sister making gingerbread and nutmeg cookies for our Christmas party. They were delicious!5583a13109e8ecfcf077d7dc2c657b22

Me and all of my siblings decorating cookies. We made kind of a mess but it was fun!7721df8490f5076f9fd5d073f87cf0fe



Me, Adam, and Amanda made a chocolate house out of Kit Kats and Hershey bars. It turned out a little odd looking but now it smells like chocolate in the house! I can’t wait to eat it!



We went to Amanda’s dance studio, turned out all the lights, and danced in the dark listening to Tapestry of Nations (a Disney song).

We have had fun decorating and getting ready for Christmas. It’s hard to believe that December is almost over! It truly has flown by. I hope you all have a wonderful week preparing for Christmas. And remember, despite all the stress, Don’t Worry, Be Happy!!

See ya real soon!



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