A Few of My Favorite Things

Didn’t that title get you singing the famous Sound of Music song? Well it’s been stuck in my head for two days now and I decided to make use of it and share a few of my favorite things.

 Clean sheets:  Isn’t it just wonderful to climb into bed with fresh, crisp sheets? And, let’s be honest, it feels a whole lot better when you have freshly shaven legs. 🙂


 Summer breezes:  On a hot day it’s really all you need. And, to me, the air in summer has a certain smell that’s also wonderful.

 The smell of coffee in the morning: Just yes. I love waking up to find that my dad has made coffee and it’s hot and waiting for me.


 Waking up to a sun filled room: This makes feel so happy the moment I open my eyes. I’m a late sleeper so the sun is usually always somewhat high in the sky when I get up. And it gets me excited for the day.

 The smell after it rains: Yes. Whenever it rains I just want to go out and take a deep breath.

 The smell of sunscreen: It  actually has quite a pleasant smell and it always reminds me of summer. Although some sunscreen doesn’t smell pleasant at all.

 The sound of the ocean: Oh yes, such a wonderful sound. It’s nature’s music.

Laughter (and smiles): I think you all can probably agree with me that this is the best! I just can’t help smiling when I see God’s beautiful creation.


Taking walks on cool Autumn days: I love Autumn. It’s absolutely beautiful and now that it’s here, I get to look forward to it. 🙂

Seeing how many stamps are in my passport: Right now I only have two but some day, hopefully, I’ll fill it out and will be an awfully big adventure. Yes, I did just sneak a Disney quote into my sentence but I can’t help it!

In winter, cuddling up under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa: I think that this one pretty much explains itself. Definitely one of the best things about winter. Oh and the hot cocoa has to have a lot of marshmallows (or whipped cream). 😋

Getting up early to drive to Disney: Oh my goodness! I love this. Usually my brothers hate the drive but I really don’t care because I’m just so happy to be going to Disney World!!


And lastly: Waking up on Christmas morning to loud Christmas music: Our family tradition. It gets me so excited and I can hardly wait to go downstairs. 😊

I hope that you enjoyed this; I could have kept going but some people aren’t big readers and I get. Goodness knows I don’t want anyone to get bored. So I’ll spare you the whole falling asleep on your computer and waking up with the alphabet on your face thing. Have a fabulous day and feel free to comment and share what your favorite things are. 🙂

Oh and I hope you all like the new home page of Pencils and Paper!

See ya real soon!



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