“I Smell Snow”-Lorelai

This morning I woke up to a completely unexpected sight. Snow. Snow everywhere. I was so happy! It was the first snow in a long time for me and it was so beautiful!

After breakfast, us four kids went right out with cameras in hand and the dog tagging along and enjoyed it before it melted away. Ahh, how I missed hearing the snow crunch underneath my feet, seeing the dog run and eat the snow, and feeling like I’m in a winter wonderland.

It was a nice quiet morning with no one about and I went crazy with my camera! I just love taking pictures of nature and my family. 🙂

Crazy Adam climbed on top of the shed. Look at Sammy run!

My beautiful pup and our snowy garden! And Adam on the shed. 🙂

We had a simple day today but it was filled with laughter and smiles. I guess that’s what true happiness is. Just enjoying the little things, like walking through fresh snow and watching your crazy little brother try to climb up the shed roof.

Well, Lorelai Gilmore was right. You can smell snow. It is a crisp, cool and fresh smell. It’s wonderful!

Unfortunately, the bright sun has come out and is melting our snow. So long, winter wonderland. It was fun while it lasted!

Have a fabulous day!

See ya real soon!



2 thoughts on ““I Smell Snow”-Lorelai

  1. I loved seeing the house and some I the family. Snow, well guess you can keep it. Lol. I miss it sometimes and then at times glad I don’t have move it. Lol Praying for your family and for the sale of your house if it’s in Gods plan. Love ya Howard Family.

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