Good Food, Good Life

Welcome to another week of “Adventures in the Howard Kitchen.” This week we experimented with olive oil. Now, this family loves olive oil. We use it in pretty much everything.

With fish that we got from our local fish market, we made whole fish in a seasoned salt crust and drizzled with olive oil for the entrée. As a sort of appetizer, we made a Calabrian tomato soup topped with Parmesan cheese and more olive oil.



For dessert, my favorite part, we made Budino (chocolate custard). This we topped with orange marmalade, fleur de sel salt, and, yep, you guessed it, olive oil. I know this sounds totally gross, believe me I thought so too, but it wasn’t that bad. It was actually pretty delicious!

Altogether, it was a very nice lunch and super easy, but the highlight of the day was dinner. Amanda and Josh made Julia Child’s Coq au vin and it was so amazing! The smell of it spread throughout the whole house and it was mouth watering. It was just as delicious as Boeuf Bourguignon.


Amanda’s favorite part of making it was the step in which you added cognac to the pan and lit it on fire. None of us had done this before and it was so fun!

I hope that you guys also had a fun and flavorful weekend and don’t forget to have fun in the kitchen this week!



See ya real soon!



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